An interview with Vasil Popjanevski!

I interviewed my friend and fellow senior, Vasil Popjanevski, about the best and worst parts of being a senior here at SUNY Fredonia!



Thoughts going through seniors heads

Thoughts going through seniors heads

Usually “Buzzfeed” lists seem to be fairly accurate, this one is especially true. Here are 10 extra thoughts going through MY head about graduation that didn’t seem to be mentioned in the list:

1. Can you actually be allergic to graduation? The panic attacks and sometimes hives I get when thinking about May 17 seem to be proof that this might be possible…

2. How many more ways could I possibly decorate my monogram, “SDL,” until it looks fine enough to paste on my cap?

3. How did I actually get accepted to graduate school?

4. Am I gonna have to actually dress like a give a damn from now on?

5. I really hope I don’t fall “Jennifer Lawrence style” on my way to the stage at Commencement.

6. I’m not going to see my friends for a very long time/ if ever… 😦

7. I’m not going to see certain people for a very long time/if ever!!!!! 😀

8. Who is going to be the keynote speaker for Commencement again?

9. Here you go, I found out.       You’re welcome.

10. 22 days…

Perfectly Personalized Graduation Gifts


It’s graduation season! That oh-so-anticipated time of grad parties, grilling out and yes, gifting. At Veeshee, grad season is one of our favorite times of year — and not just because of the beautiful weather. In mid-April, we start to see graduation gift orders come through with congratulatory messages and creative combos.

Looking for the perfect graduation gift? Veeshee’s cosmetic bags are a popular choice — customize them with the graduate’s school colors or add a monogram to make it extra personal. Check out this mix of Katos and Palmas we whipped up for a customer last week:

Graduation Gifts

(p.s. – Have some guys on your graduation gift list? Check out Veeshee’s monogrammed dopp kits!)

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It’s only the beginning…

I thought today would be a good day to start a blog. It is my last day of classes as a junior in college and in a year I will be done with my undergrad education. This next coming year, I predict, will be an interesting one; one full of surprises, hard work, resumes, and eventually goodbyes.

However, before summer begins and one of the most important years of my life starts, I just want to take a moment to truly think about how lucky I am to be right here, right now. If you know me at all, you know I am a little bit obsessed with the show “Castle,” and a quote from it has stuck with me:

“I’m sure eventually I will become jaded and cynical, but not today. Today I look around and I see beautiful buildings, I see students who are just like me and nothing like me, and I feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities. How luck I am to be a part of this, and how there’s nowhere on Earth I’d rather be right now.”

Junior year, you’ve been good to me. From endless nights watching “How I Met Your Mother,” to the celebration of my 21st birthday. From NYC to Fred Fest. From becoming closer with old friends, to meeting some of the most wonderful people. If I have learned anything these past two semesters is that life is as unpredictable as it is beautiful.